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The HeartCode ACLS interactive learning system is a computer-based, self-directed certification program which allows participants to practice techniques at their own pace and to receive feedback and evaluation of their skills in less time and at less cost than traditional classroom training. 
This program is fully accredited by the American Heart Association, and reflects all AHA Guidelines, including the latest 2010 updates.
This computer-based ACLS Course provides a review for healthcare professionals who have had prior ACLS training. This program recognizes that such professionals have knowledge and skills acquired from prior ACLS training and years of patient care.
There are 13 mandatory checkpoints that must be successfully completed before you are allowed to access the final written exam. Additional exercises and video clips are available for review purposes to help you refresh your skills. You must achieve a passing score of 84% or higher on the written exam. A passing score enables you to schedule your skills evaluation session with an American Heart Association ACLS Instructor.

Once you have completed the computer-based portion of the course, you will need to meet with an authorized AHA ACLS Instructor, who will conduct the 20 min. skills evaluation portion of the course. 

To arrange the skills evaluation, contact  me at or call (925)207-0712.  Upon successful completion of both sections of the course, you will receive your American Heart Association ACLS Healthcare Provider card.



This course is customized to the student's area of expertise. 
It is a rapid ACLS Renewal course for those who are skilled in ACLS already and have a current ACLS card.   
It is imperative that you come well prepared and with the required AHA completed pre-test.
Two hours will be spent on review and two hours will be devoted to the required hands -on practice - the written exam and skills exam.  Ideal for small groups or individual teaching  See page on "HANDOUTS" for the required study guide.  To sign up for this course option contact the instructor:


To access the new student website for the ACLS pretest and new downloads go to and enter the code "compression".








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